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When battling Zulrah’s green type, it is a good idea to activate Protect from Missiles. When fighting Zulrah’s gloomy form, Protect from Magic ought to be triggered. Howeverthere are other green types, one that will change between Magic and Ranged attacks near the conclusion of each attack pattern, so for this one, you must flick each strike. Take note in this stage, you could also be assaulted by the snakelings and can readily be combo had out. The other green form can appear if the player takes a long time on a pattern, and it will change between Ranged along with Magic strikes randomly like the blue one.

The battle begins with the player in front of Zulrah in its green type. Avoid the toxic fumes that it generates as it fires them round the area. After a brief time, it will immediately switch to another form and begin using attacks and abilities from that form.
Zulrah is situated in a shrine west of Zul-Andra. Players can instantly get here by taking a charter ship to Port Tyras then running south, using the fairy ring code bjs to the small island west of Zul-Andra then leaping across the stepping stones, requiring 76 Agility (can be boosted), or by using a Zul-andra teleport scroll. Each one of these methods require completion of Regicide.

If a participant expire during their struggle with Zulrah, they could retrieve their items from speaking to Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig. But should they die anyplace harmful another time without retrieving your items, all items in their first passing will be lost completely.

Zulrah has different attacks depending on its current color.

Zulrah is a level 725 snake boss. Players may only damage it using Ranged or Magic; even though Zulrah could be attained with a Halberd, it’s resistant to melee attacks. As a way to access Zulrah, players should have finished Regicide to the purpose of reaching Port Tyras.
It is strongly recommended to use long-ranged attacks to prevent the venom clouds if Zulrah is from the method of them.

Before the player can battle Zulrah, they need to speak with High Priestess Zul-Harcinqafirst and offer themselves as the forfeit in place of their gnome kid, as Zul-Gwenwynig will prevent the participant from boarding the boat until Zul-Harcinqa allows them to become the forfeit.

Sometime during the Age, Harcinqa’s mum, Harcinqa, her daughter, and Rentos, her son, visited the Poison Waste. With no food to eat, they attempted to fish for eels from the woods, without avail. With no chance on grabbing meals, they decide to camp out with the gnomes.

Zulrah and also the snakelings could envenom the player very often even through protection prayers. However, the toxic clouds can’t inflict venom, nor will they be shielded against. It is encouraged to utilize Anti-venom+ later becoming envenomed to increase their effectiveness.

Two days later, Zulrah appeared at that evening and ate five Ohn’s men ahead of the group could get to their senses. The following day after that, Harcinqa’s mother attracted Zulrah’s focus having a giant campfire, and held out her son, Rentos, which it devoured immediately. The gnome woman bargained a deal with Zulrah, claiming to ship it sacrifices in exchange for meals and worshipping it like a god. Zulrah consented to the conditions, and the next day, began sending eels to the group to eat.
Zulrah’s sex is ambiguous; the High Priestess as well as slayer masters refer to this as male, while the test text of Zulrah’s boss lair display describes it as female.
When Zulrah is red, it spreads noxious fumes across the region and attacks at the player’s current location. If they’re captured by the Melee assault, they’ll also be stunned.

During the turquoise form, it may use both poisonous fumes and white orbs, which will summon a Snakeling. Although snakelings possess 1 Hitpoint, they could hit very hard against the participant, therefore a ring of a charged ring of suffering is recommended to kill them off whenever needed. The areas that Zulrah launches white orbs will have no toxic fumes during this phase, so bear in those regions when needed. If Zulrah is crimson, it will stare at the participant before attacking an place. If they’re not two spaces away from it, they will take Melee damage and be amazed, which may render the player in a dangerous state if their Hitpoints are reduced and there are neighboring fumes. Throughout his light green type, prayer flicking can be helpful, and eat when desired, as both Magic and Ranged attacks will be used against the player.
At the conclusion of every blueprint a green Zulrah will alternate between Magic and Ranged attacks. The design used depends upon which side of this arena Zulrah spawns at.
Upon passing at Zulrah, the items will be kept by the priestess that you spoke to in the boat. Items held by the priestess are lost when the player dies before regaining them. Some particular anomalies occur with some specific items. This information may be helpful to ultimate ironmen.

It is unknown when or Zulrah arrived in the Poison Waste, however it’s known to have adapted to the toxic waste enclosing it and eventually becoming one of the only creatures able to live in the wastes.

Zulrah’s shrine is accessed by boarding the sacrificial boat. Upon going into the shrine, Zulrah will appear. The only way to escape in your shrine is by teleporting out or killing/dying to Zulrah.
Players may spectate a battle by means of a telescope located in an island north of Zul-Andra, which is accessed using the fairy ring code dlr.
When a player defeats Zulrah, the falls will be obtained under the participant, similar to cave krakens. A Zul-andra teleport scroll will also be dropped close to the player, which cannot be picked up but may be used to come back to Zul-Andra. To combat Zulrah again later, the participant has to go back to the shrine via the boat.

Zulrah utilizes venom that starts off at 6 harm. Unlike poison which decreases over time, venom rises by 2 each time that it hits. If not cured, the harm will continue to increase, eventually attaining a cap of 20. Venom can be cured immediately by ingesting any anti-venom potion, or caused by routine poison by drinking any antipoison potion, which may then be cured normally by another dose of antipoison. Wearing a serpentine helm will stop the participant from getting envenomed.
Zulrah changes forms by diving into the swamp and then reappearing somewhere in the stadium (either at the middle or just outside the center area, at a certain sequence depending on the first spawn after the Ranged-Melee-Magic strikes ). Zulrah changes forms in predictable patterns, known by players as”rotations” because of the simple fact that Zulrah’s place rotates around the island since it changes forms.

Because of this, Zulrah is worshipped as a god and it’s sent sacrifices every day, and consequently, allows the village of Zul-Andra to stand and sends eels daily to the villagers.
When Zulrah is green, it attacks with Ranged, spreads toxic fumes over the region, and spawns snakelings.

Zulrah Rotation Guide

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