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Wyrms are draconic animals located at the lower level of this Karuulm Slayer Dungeon at Mount Karuulm, necessitating amount 62 Slayer to kill. Since they’re only found inside the volcano, players have to use the boots of rock , boots of brimstone or granite boots to safeguard themselves from the intense warmth of the dungeon floor. However, players that have finished the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary may wear any sort of footwear without being quickly burnt.

Wyrms do NOT need any kind of dragonfire protection. They’ll be slithering on the floor when struck. Once attacked, they attack the player and will levitate off the floor. Wyrms assault with melee and magical, nevertheless if attacked from an area, they’ll just use their magical strike. This produces the ranged attack design whilst using a kind of magical defense, like Shield from Magic, or armour using large magic defence bonuses such as dragonhide, a workable way of killing Wyrms.

Wyrms were an early race of dragons, stated to be effective at destroying armies and cities by themselves. They gradually disappeared because of their significant involvement from the God Wars. The recent Wyrms from the dungeon are still an attempted diversion of the strong Wyrms of older with an unnamed dragonkin.

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