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They’re TzHaar who have abandoned Mor Ul Rek long back for Mount Karuulm. They were supposed to await orders, but they couldn’t stand by and observe, so that they left their task to be performed by Mor Ul Rek after viewing the world fall into disarray.
They’re shown to have awarded House Arceuus, together with”the other” the secrets of immortality, but soon regretted it if their present has been”misused.” Despite hating individuals of Arceuus they find them useful as they help preserve the balance of death and life by releasing spirits who have to have been sent into the afterlife past. In accordance with Lord Trobin Arceuus, the Tasakaal simply help the Arceuus when it strengthens their schedule and refer to everybody but themselves as”mortals.”
The servants of those Tasakaal would be the Kahlith, former people who’ve abandoned their past lifestyles to serve them.
They keep the equilibrium between death and life. Regardless of the function they perform in ensuring who dies and lives, they aren’t followers of Guthix, calling him a”pretender.” Instead, they serve a different unnamed entity.

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