OSRS Witchs Potion Quest Guide

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OSRS Witchs Potion Quest Guide
OSRS Witchs Potion Quest Guide

Hetty the witch

Speak wish to understand more. She’ll tell you she desires a onion, a part of meat, a eye of newt, and four ingredients which she would like you to gain a rat’s tail and is currently creating a potion.

Rat’s tail

Grab a flat 1 rat (they could be discovered at the archery store west of Hetty’s home ) to acquire a rat’s tail. Notice: in case you’ve begun the pursuit You can get a rat’s tail! A rat’s tail wills NOT fall.

Burnt meat

Grab a rat north of Rimmington’s graveyard southeast, or kill a bunny then then cook the beef. You will find ranges where you are able to utilize to cook your meatjust south of this jewelry store in Port Sarim and at the home north of Hetty’s; you might also light a flame to cook the beef (logs spawn from the entire store of Rimmington). Utilize the meat if you did not figure out how to burn off the meat or stove to burn it. You might purchase meat that is raw in the food shop in Port Sarim out of Wydin.

Eye of newt

You are able to get an eye of newt. The store is tagged with a flame rune logo on this map.


Onions are discovered in a field northwest of Rimmington (right south east of Melzar’s Maze) or at the back of Fred the Farmer’s farmhouse west of this sheep pen in Lumbridge.

Growing up

Speak to Hetty Whenever you’ve got these things. Shelet you drink out of it and’ll place them. Drink in your cauldron and get your reward.

OSRS Witchs Potion Quest Guide
OSRS Witchs Potion Quest Guide

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