OSRS Vampire Slayer Quest Guide

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OSRS Vampire Slayer Quest Guide
OSRS Vampire Slayer Quest Guide

A Vampire Threat

Speak in his home of the home of Ned. Morgan will inform you a vampyre is causing discomfort and needs you to kill it.

To obtain a garlic, then proceed upstairs of Morgan’s construction and search for a cabinet. Open and research the cabinet to get the garlic.

Morgan will tell you Speak to Dr Harlow, and to go at Varrock.

The Ex-slayer

Proceed to Varrock and visit The Blue Moon Inn. Once inside, speak to Dr Harlow. Inform him his aid is needed by Morgan. He’ll want you to get him a beer. Locate the bartender, purchase a beer, talk to Dr Harlow. He provide you a bet and will speak about vampyres. Purchase a hammer out of a shop that is general in case you don’t already have you. It is possible to purchase the hammer. The nearest shop to Draynor is currently in Lumbridge. A point upstairs is at the Falador living room.

Count Draynor

Now you have the things that are mandatory, you should battle with the vampyre. Ensure to own the bet, armour, food, garlic, and a hammer and a weapon. Proceed to Draynor Village, then go north into the Draynor Manor. Once inside, go down to the stairs on this building’s east side. There’ll be a coffin at the room’s middle. Open it and also Count Draynor, also the vampyre, will pop up and strike you. The Count is going to be reduced, however he can pose a threat to gamers using a combat level In case you’ve got garlic. You may stab him with the bet and the hammer when you conquer the conversation.

In case the participant doesn’t own a hammer together, they are going to be given a tooltip:”You cannot push the bet far enough at” and will be not able to kill the vampire.

In the event the participant takes too much time to kill Count Draynor, then he treat to full health and will go back to his coffin, and the participant might need to begin the battle all over again.

OSRS Vampire Slayer Quest Guide
OSRS Vampire Slayer Quest Guide

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