OSRS Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

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Setting up

OSRS Shield of Arrav Quest Guide
OSRS Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

It is important at the time to determine which gang you want to combine. This Decision is important for several reasons:

You require a member of the gang that is other to collaborate with you so as to finish this quest.

When a participant has battle levels that were lower being a member of the Phoenix Gang is advocated.

If you don’t need to get combat experience being a member of the Black Hat Gang is recommended.

If your spouse has finished the pursuit or has combined both half pieces to produce the certification that is comprehensive, it’s not possible for them to get the of this shield in their group hideout – . They will be able to let you get the secret into the weapon shop if your spouse is out of Phoenix Gang.

It’s suggested to look at that the Old School RuneScape forums to discover a spouse for the pursuit. There’s an official clan conversation, for locating another partner with this exploration OSRS SOA, that may be utilized, along with Heroes’ Quest. It is suggested to put off till you may locate a partner, linking a group!

Caution: Though their services are offered by nearly all players at the OSRS SoA clan chat at no cost, cash is also charged by some gamers. Players should be conscious of the prospect of being tricked when participating with others in trust transactions.


Shared beginning

Things None.

Notice: you can begin the quest by inquiring what’s down the street and speaking to Charlie the Tramp If you would like to combine the Black Arm Gang.

Speak at Varrock Palace, situated in Varrock’s library, located to Reldo. Ask him and he’ll inform you there is a publication onto a thing in the library. You need to check the bookcase using a white and grim publication in the shelf. When you have discovered it, then read or go through it. Talk with Reldo When you have read the novel and ask him however, he tells you to visit Baraek since he does not understand.

You can combine even the Black Arm Gang or with the Phoenix Gang. Talk to Baraek Should you would like to combine the Phoenix Gang. Otherwise, speak Beside Varrock’s terrace.

7708 coins can be saved by ironmen while performing the Heroes’ Quest by choosing at the Phoenix Gang.

Phoenix Gang

Things required: 20 coins, along with also a weapon (optional but recommended).

Baraek is found in the middle of Varrock. (To combine the Black Arm Gang, go speak to Charlie the Tramp.) He sells and buys furs, along with his booth is indicated with a icon of fur. Speak to him and inquire about the Phoenix Gang. Initially, he’ll deny, then he’ll want you to provide 20 coins to get information to him. Give 20 coins to him and he’ll tell you it’s situated in the corner of Varrock. Ask all of the questions.

The hideout is close the corner of Varrock involving both pubs. It’s a little south of this store. Start looking for a red exclamation mark (in your own map) to obtain the hideout. You will notice a ladder when you have discovered the exclamation mark. Scale it down to input the hideout of the Phoenix Gang.

To Straven, Speak In the hideout. He’ll mention that the Varrock Herald paper if you request to join. That can be really a cover up. There ought to be an choice.

Straven may want you to kill Jonny the blossom (fight level two ). He’s situated in the Blue Moon Inn of Varrock. This pub can be found near the entry of Varrock. Go in the pub and locate Jonny that the Beard and kill him. Be aware that murdering him will not make anything drops.

A record, which Straven wants wills fall. Catch the accounts and deliver back it . Speak to while using the report on your stock, and he’ll cause you to be a Phoenix Gang penis. Straven will give the Weapon shop essential to you. If you strike them the thieves aren’t competitive to some gamers, but may retaliate.

Look for a chest at the corner of this hideout. You may catch 1 shield at one time, after finishing the quest and you may get it.

Black Arm Gang

Things required: meals along with a weapon (both optional however recommended).

Speak to Charlie the Tramp situated near the entrance of Varrock, to combine the Black Arm Gang. Ask him what is down the street, and he will tell you it’s the hideout of the Black Arm Gang. Go down the street and go into the building. Start looking for a lady and then speak to her.

Tell her you won’t ever provide your origin and you understand concerning her gang. Ask her about exactly what you need to do in order in order to show she’ll provide you a job, and that you are reliable.

Katrine wants you to slip in your Phoenix Gang. She needs two of the crossbows. You will require a partner from the Phoenix Gang. Your spouse must provide one of the Weapon store crucial when they combined the Phoenix Gang, they got. As soon as you’ve the key, proceed ahead of the hideout at the corner of Varrock involving the 2 bars of the Phoenix Gang. Start looking for a room south of this store having a ladder indoors that is observable and a door. Use the key when you have discovered it and climb the ladder .

You’ll need to kill the Weaponsmaster. If without murdering the Weaponsmaster initial you attempt to select up the crossbow, he’ll keep you. Take two Phoenix crossbows once he’s dead. Return into Katrine, when you’ve got both of these, and she’ll turn you into a part of the Black Arm Gang. Go upstairs at the hideout and search.

Notice: In case you’re concerned about the conflict or whether you don’t need to get battle experience, then you can ask your spouse to kill the Weaponsmaster and exchange you the Phoenix crossbows. Whilst speaking to find a replica have your spouse, and also have them provide you that key. You both can enter the shop space at the same time you have the crossbows and they’re able to kill the weaponmaster.

Growing up

Carry your half of this protector into Curator Haig Halen. He provide you 2 copies of the certification and also will take a half of the defense. Will get the other half the certification. Trade a half for another half the certification with your spouse. Use them around another to acquire a certification when you’ve got both certification programs. When finishing the pursuit you need to’use’ that the.

OSRS Shield of Arrav Quest Guide
OSRS Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

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