OSRS Romeo and Juliet Quest Guide

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OSRS Romeo and Juliet Quest Guide
OSRS Romeo and Juliet Quest Guide

Starting out

Romeo could be found near or in Varrock Square. Communicate with himand he requests you to speak to Juliet. You can talk to Juliet.

Talking to Juliet

Go and speak who’s situated on the floor, this Varrock West Bank’s mansion west, of at the balcony. You will be given a suggestion by her. Return to Romeo in Varrock Square, and then send the letter. He might have wandered within the store if you can’t locate Romeo.

Father Lawrence

Romeo does not understand exactly what to do and reads the correspondence. He suggests visiting Father Lawrence, who’s found in Square’s church north-east. Speak with Father Lawrence. He requests one to talk into the Apothecary and cites a cadava potion.

The potion

The Apothecary could be discovered in Varrock situated west at a building having a potion pub. He’ll tell you that he wants cadava berries, and Talk with the Apothecary regarding the pursuit, you might want to request him to discuss something different. Cadava berries can have chosen on a Conveniently situated west of Varrock’s mine . Go back to the Apothecary when you’ve got them, and he’ll provide one Cadava potion.

Be cautious as drinking the potion yourself could result in knock out yourself.

Romeo and Juliet from the crypt

Now, return to Juliet, also provide potion to her. You may see a cutscene of her”expiring”, although she actually falls into a coma. Return to Romeo, also inform him that Juliet must be rescued by him . He wants someone to follow with.

On the crypt

You will find the following cutscene of you entering the crypt. He owes about Juliet and falls in love with her, If he sees Juliet’s cousin, Phillipa. Congratulations! Quest complete!

OSRS Romeo and Juliet Quest Guide
OSRS Romeo and Juliet Quest Guide

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