OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Quest Guide

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OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Quest Guide
OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Quest Guide


Setting up (getting the necessary items)

If you have the items, skip this section.

You would begin in Varrock, in which you withdraw the relevant things or would purchase. In addition, you require a pickaxe to mine , an axe for Woodcutting, and a tinderbox however you will come across ashes from the fire of somebody else. If you cut on a tree can not locate ashes already, pale the logs, wait for it to burn the axe along with tinderbox you need. You choose and may kill an imp. In case you need them to conserve time bring your shears. You also ought to draw some money to cover price gate crossings and the items.

Purchase the skirt then depart from the town exit. Purchase the 3 (or 4) beers in the Blue Moon Inn to the exit, or choose some in the longhall at the Barbarian Village at no cost.

In the South-east Varrock mine, then you are able to mine a copper ore and 1 tin to create a bar, then then select 1 lot of redberries in the bushes, then go to the sheep pen and shear three wolves. In the South-west Varrock mine, then 1 clay can be mined by you.

Then move south to the Al Kharid desert region, passing the Al Kharid mine down to the palace and start the pursuit speak to Hassan then Osman In case you have not begun the pursuit. Here you’re able to get the jug of water which spawns from the area of the palace. Cross the north and smith a pub there, or utilize if you’re there, the Al Kharid forge.

Proceed to Lumbridge Castle and twist the wool. Just take the jug in case you did not receive the jug of water out of the palace, and then combine it, and have a bucket out of the basement, and a pot in the kitchen for those who want them. Fill the skillet with water, then wet the clay then fill it.

Follow the road north from Lumbridge go to the Fred the Farmer’s home. There is a garden with 12 onions. Select two blossoms back into the street to your grain area and grind to earn flour’s bud.

You need to be carrying:

3 balls of yarn (from shearing sheep then turning it in a spinning wheel)

Ashes (create or locate a flame, after it burns pick up the ash, or kill a imp)

A spoonful of water or a jug of water (bucket purchased in almost any general Shop, filled in any given water supply )

A kettle of flour

A bronze pub (created by smelting tin and aluminum ore)

Soft clay (utilize clay using a bucket, jug or jar of water)

3 beers (standard beer, could be bought at the Rusty Anchor Inn at Port Sarim)

A pink skirt

1 redberries

A rope

Starting out

Things required: 3 balls of yarn, strand (unless purchasing from Ned), two onions or yellowish dye, 1 redberries, kettle of flour, ash, a spoonful of water, delicate clay, and a bronze pub, onion along with 50 coins (unless teleporting).

You start your search at the palace of Al Kharid by speaking to (Chancellor) Hassan. He’ll direct you towards some shifty looking fellow away from the palace, that goes by the title of Osman’s border. Osman will let you know talk to his daughter’s Leela, that is seen drifting east of Draynor Village south west of this wheat area and to discover. Speak to Leela and she’ll let you know exactly what you want.

You need to observe the doorway to the home of Ned, if you look west from where you’re standing. Request Ned a wig – buy the wig produced from wool’s balls. If you don’t yet possess the rope now, you may have Ned create you for four chunks of yarn or even 18 coins. As soon as you’ve the rope and wig, then enter the house just west of Ned’s, then then inquire Aggie (the witch) to create you skin glue. If you don’t yet possess the dye, then it is possible to ask her to create it needing five coins along with two onions.

Go into the prison east as swiftly as possible, or assault. This really is a place, but so you need to avoid assaulting them unless you’ve got a greater or similar battle degree and at least gear. Their maximum hit is really a 3 harm, and they are able to be discharged readily with gear, therefore food is vital if you intend on murdering them if more than a single strikes, however they have precision against armour. Another option is to get a friend accompany you personally and also have them attack the jail guards to divert themor help you. If your combat level is high or 53 They’ll ignore you.

If you don’t see Lady Keli at or about it, wait for a bit – . Tell her that she should have been quite skillful, and she is famous around RuneScape ask her on her strategy. If she is convinced him will not attempt to rescue Request her. Ask her in the event that you’re able to take it and if it’s possible to observe the secret. You will make an imprint on the clay, if you have gotten the clay on you.

Proceed to the lender and receive 20 coins and the pub therefore that he could produce the key, and then return to Osman.

Saving the Prince

Things glue, rope, and a essential, a skirt, a necklace, and 3 skillet.

Speak to Leela, she will be pleased regarding the strategy and also recommend you speak to the witch to get the glue, should you have the components go for the prison and speak to Leela. Speak to Joe and provide him a drink, (be conscious that just ordinary beer will operate ) and yet another, and yet another. Use the rope on Lady Keli then speak to Prince Ali and then the disguise will be used by him and escape.

Also go and speak, and go through the gate which joins Lumbridge and Al Kharid at no cost to maintain your benefit.

Note: From now on, in the event you try to speak to Lady Keli, a message looks over her mind (the exact identical manner a message arises over a participant’s mind when they talk ) stating that you fooled her. She’ll inform the guards to secure you, and one of those guards will probably say,”Yes, M’Lady” and strike you; nevertheless, you are able to escape by running from the prison grounds.

OSRS Princess Ali Rescue Quest Guide
OSRS Princess Ali Rescue Quest Guide

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