OSRS Pirates Treasure Quest Guide

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OSRS Pirates Treasure Quest Guide
OSRS Pirates Treasure Quest Guide

Captain Redbeard

Things 30 coins.

Speak to Redbeard Frank (situated in the northernmost Port Sarim dock). He would like before he will let you know that the location of this treasure you to find a Karamja rum. Redbeard Frank will be asked by your personality in case Braindead Rum will get the job done In case you’ve already completed the pursuit Rum Deal.

Walk south to the docks to watch three sailors (NOT that the Monks of Entrana). Speak to some one of those anglers to board the boat. As soon as you arrive at Karamja exit the boat.

Karamja’s island

Things 30 coins and 10 peanuts.

Make your way west. Means of a beer glass to the minimap depicts this. Walk exchange and indoors . Purchase one rum to get 30 coins.

Notice: Don’t leave all the rum on your stock to the island. As Asgarnia has prohibited the import of spirits if you do, the officers may require your own rum off. The jar will break, if you attempt to teleport the island off.

Walk into the hut east of the banana farm and talk to Luthas. Request work, and you will be hired by him . He also states that his crates aren’t hunted if you cite that the customs officer. Input the banana farm together with his home and select 10 bananas in the trees. Notice: Deciding on 5 bananas is an Karamja Diary job that is easy.

Take advantage of your rum onto this hut to conceal its crate east. If you receive a message stating”Why do I need to do this?” Attempt relogging attempt. Then fill out the crate. It’s possible to use this”Fill-Crate” alternative to simplify this procedure. When the crate is complete, talk to Luthas. He’ll cover you 30 coinswhich you want to pay back the fare . Ask him he’ll let you know, and where goes they visit some man called. Pay the fare back.

Back in Port Sarim

As soon as you’re in Port Sarim, then go west where you’ve landed, to the fishing store. On the wall, then there is a white blouse currently hanging out. Carry and take it.

Speak request work, and to Wydin at the food shop, south east west of the fishing store. In case you’ve got your blouse armed He’ll agree. Enter the area and look for the crate. You’ll locate the rum (Don’t teleport with it on your stock.) Take it and provide it.

You will be given a key by frank. Traveling or teleport into Varrock. The Blue Moon Inn can be situated northeast of the entry and is denoted from the beer glass to the minimap. Go upstairs at the pub and find a chest in the area. Use the key in your chest to discover a material that is pirate. It will offer you a clue to the location of the treasure. Make sure you read the hint. Traveling or teleport into Falador.

Buried treasure

Things required: Spade, pirate material, and a weapon (optional but recommended).

An individual could be seen at the estate service south west east of this Falador Park if you don’t own a scoop. Go north into the Falador park As soon as you’ve a spade.

A statue is of Saradomin at the Center of the playground. See the setup of this dirt, which makes an X. Stand at the center of the dirt”X” and also dig.

A gardener may appear and attack you. Kill himor run from the playground, and then dig to acquire a casket and finish the quest.

OSRS Pirates Treasure Quest Guide
OSRS Pirates Treasure Quest Guide