OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide

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OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide
OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide

Misthalin Mystery is a pursuit that is standalone, function as the pursuit in Old School RuneScape. It’s the pursuit to be produced for Old School RuneScape. Abigale seeks help after being assaulted by an unknown amount after escaping from a house party in a manor to a island.

Talk after being assaulted by an unknown amount onto a nearby island with Abigale, that will ask. Board them’s south. Head to the gate west is really a fountain. Get a bucket near the fountain. Head north of the fountain to activate a cutscene, in which the Killer murders Sid. Use the bucket and hunt a manor key to be obtained by it.

Input the manor, pick up the knife onto the tableand endeavor to open the doorway using all the knob that is pink . This may trigger another cutscene, in which the killer hiding in the sack murders Tayten. He slips a notice before returning from the apparel. Pick this up and examine it.

The riddle describes a painting located to the southwest in the area that is adjoining. The painting is just only one with hills, a blue lake, along with sunlight at the horizon (about the east side of this area ). Use the knife and then search it to get a key. The keywords that opens will be indicated by the doorknobs about the doorways across the mansion.

Open the door, and then have a tinderbox. Light all four candles in the room, and you’ll find a message that the space is hot enough to wash the fuse. Apply the tinderbox beside the wall onto the socket. Exit the area.

Climb on go north of the manor to trigger another cutscene, and then the wall . The Killer will inquire the title of this vampyre who resides in South Misthalin, however gamers will be provided a decision; none of choices thing, so decide on any (the right answer is really Count Assess, but if you state , the Killer will kill Lacey for you personally interfering). She’ll expire along with gamers will be left the following note by the Killer. Pick this up and examine it.

It is like music to my ears!

The magnificent sounds, spelling out your destiny!

The riddle identifies the piano located at the north-eastern corner of this manor (audio ). You have to enter the space through north wall. One are wanted by the Killer dead – perform with with the notes and then search it to get an key.

Return by scaling the east wall, at which the notice was discovered and then open the door using all the doorknob that is emerald. The kitchen doors to start in which Mandy is located, and yet another cutscene will happen where the Killer kills her. More, he’ll leave a notice to gamers. Pick this up and examine it.

Hear at these phrases.

Every murder you see helplessly to finish.

As you don’t address the quiz’s letters.

Razor is the knife’s blade.

Will become the echo of your scream.

Heed I will have the last term in this thriller.

The riddle describes the unlit fireplace at the oriental room, go out into the south east area (the broken wall area ) and also go into the north (HEARTH). Use the knife onto the fireplace to show a panel of buttons within the compartment. The solution is based on the letter of every sentence. Thus, to start the compartment, click on the next in order (sdzeor): Sapphire – Diamond – Zenyte – Emerald – Onyx – Ruby. Look for a key to be again found by the chimney.


Open the doorway, where the player faces the Killer, and a cutscene will happen.

He toss knives and will conceal in wardrobes. The participant needs to drive against on the mirror and then have it confront in. The participant can understand which wardrobe he is in by searching for a black shadow.

Players will find that the killer has been Abigale after beating the Killer! She moans about of the glory is consistently taken by adventurers if she attempts to help others. Another killer shows himself Hewey, like Abigale’s boyfriend, and looks.

Abigale and Hewey argue and in my own rage, destroys him after basking in her glory. Select up assault Abigale and then the killer’s knife.

As you try to leave the manor, wherever her heart can be found on the ideal side Abigale tries to kill one, but is halted by Mandy, who lived because of her needing dextrocardia.

Speak out the mansion to gather the rewards that need 3 stock slots that are empty with her. Quest complete!

OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide
OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide

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