OSRS Imp Catcher Quest Guide

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OSRS Imp Catcher Quest Guide
OSRS Imp Catcher Quest Guide

The little helper of mizgog

Create your way to the Wizards’ Tower, south west of Draynor Village and during a stone bridge. Climb the staircase, and move until the floor[US]. Speak inquire and to Wizard Mizgog questions to find out that he wants your help. He’ll inform you that he would like you to receive them back and the imps of Wizard Grayzag have stolen his own beads. He wants you to accumulate:

An bead – 991

A bead – 1,006

A bead – 966

A bead – 969

Obtaining beads

You might purchase them get them at a transaction with another participant, to acquire the beads, or you could kill imps. Imps are discovered throughout Gielinor. There are numerous excellent places to kill imps such as: east of this Ardougne Monastery, in addition to this Karamja Volcano (be more conscious of degree 14 scorpions within this region ), or from the southern entry to Falador. Imps can teleport off when beads will be an drop, so gamers will exchange to prevent the bother of locating the rings themselves.

Reunite to Wizard Mizgog As soon as you’ve all four beads and provide them to complete the quest. He will not take them at a time, therefore ironmen should aim to acquire the thing.

Quest complete!

OSRS Imp Catcher Quest Guide
OSRS Imp Catcher Quest Guide

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