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The Alchemical Hydra is a boss found within Ghrazi as a late-game money making method requiring 95 slayer to kill. According to OSRS Wiki, The Alchemical Hydra was the result of an unnamed Dragonkin. Dragonkin seen promise in its creation. Also seen failure in his creation as well due to him not being able to replicate the traits. Later decided to abandoned his creation along with his other creations. Wyrms, Drakes and Hydras.

The harm reduction is reapplied, and therefore it ought to be enticed within the following port. Additionally, it has unique attacks for each stage: toxin pools when black and green, power when fire and blue when reddish. These specific attacks can be averted, but they can be devastating in case coped with carelessly. Drops stay on the floor for half an hour, or until the participant leaves the instanced area.

Together with all of the distinctive drops accessible from hydras, it may also drop hydra leather, which can be used on the machines south-west of this pool at the Lithkren Vaultto make ferocious gloves, in addition to the hydra claw, that can be combined with a Zamorakian hasta to produce the monster hunter lance.

Whenever the Hydra is murdered, it is going to respawn in about 25 minutes.


Besides the 100% fall, the participant will even have two rolls around the Alchemical Hydra’s fall table. The first fall has a opportunity to become a distinctive, although the second is obviously regular.

The fall rates in the fall table below reveal the opportunity of receiving an item for each and every roll onto the conventional loot table. By way of instance, a fall rate of 2/100 suggests that you’ve got two 2/100 odds of getting that thing.

The Alchemical Hydra’s lair is situated within an instanced place without any limitations to the amount of players may battle it onto a planet , unlike the Grotesque Guardians that are confined to eight cases per world. If the player dies combating the Alchemical Hydra, they could pay a 100,000 coin commission to recover their things from Orrvor quo Maten. If the player dies elsewhere prior to yanking their things out of there, then their unclaimed items will be eternally lost. Along with the, Orrvor’s storage capacities don’t pile with other people (e.g. Zulrah, Grotesque Guardians), therefore if gamers have things being held by a few of those conflicts and dies into the Alchemical Hydra, the things there’ll be missing.

Alchemical Hydra has four stages throughout the struggle, based on its staying health. It strikes with Ranged and Magic, alternating between them every 3 strikes for the initial few phases. At the beginning of each stage, it’s a 75% damage reduction, which may be eliminated if it’s enticed over a port on the ground that communicates compound liquid. On the other hand, the port must be the right one, corresponding to the battle triangle (e.g. if it’s green, reddish will weaken it), the Hydra’s harm is increased by around 50%.

To get to the boss, players need to run north beyond the Tasakaal, and then east beyond the hydras. They’ll then get to the entry to the lair from Orrvor quo Maten. Alternately, players with degree 88 Agility may attain it securely using the mysterious pipe only behind Kaal-Ket-Jor, although it takes approximately the exact same time as attaining it by running beyond the hydras.

Unlike ordinary hydras, the Alchemical Hydra may just be murdered while on a hydra slayer job , which can be just assigned by Konar. Additionally, because it’s only found inside the volcano, gamers who haven’t finished the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary should wear boots of rock , boots of brimstone, or granite boots to safeguard themselves in the intense warmth of this dungeon floor.

OSRS Hydra Guide

Fall rates estimated according to 292,738 kills.

Throughout the initial few stages, the hydra has significant damage decrease, which may only be eliminated by being sprayed with the suitable chemical. The pools insure a 5×5 AoE, using the port being the center of the AoE. Whenever the Hydra is in scope and coated with the proper compound, it roars and its harm reduction effect is eliminated for the duration of this stage. If sprayed with all the wrong compound, the potency of its own attacks are raised rather. Position on the vents over the compound pool may deal damage to the participant when it bursts up.


During the period, the Hydra will sometimes walk into the middle of the room and face the way the player reaches. When it reaches the middle, the participant is stunned, but they could still strike the Hydra.

If the participant is under the Hydra, then it compels them out to a random path. Upon reaching the middle, it breathes 5×5 coating of flame into the participant’s sides according to their place prior to staring down the centre and launch a monitoring flame.

This monitoring fire follows the participant’s motion, and travels substantially quicker the farther the participant is (or should they begin running). Getting struck by some of these fires are going to lead to the participant carrying up to 20 harm, followed by another bleed of 5 harm for five strikes. Moving onto a different fire ignites the bleed. Fires could be tile, although it’s only suggested to do this following the monitoring fire stops. The Hydra doesn’t strike until four seconds following the monitoring fire is sent outside.

Phase transitions don’t change its attack routine.
Its assault style alters after each 3 strikes if they strike or not.

Dying elsewhere with things with him can lead to them being lost!
Following the initial 3 strikes, The Alchemical Hydra will start 5 or 4 poison blobs round the participant’s location. These blobs aim the participant in a 3×3 AoE, and continued to stand them on will cope up to 12 damage per sign. All these blobs have a brief travel time, therefore if the participant starts running since they’re fired, it’s possible to prevent their damage altogether. The toxin is quite weak, but it’s suggested to clean its aftereffects immediately.

The Hydra has a top Magic and Ranged degree, as it utilizes those two battle styles because its principal strikes. Melee may be employed on the Hydra, however, it’s highly suggested to range it because of its mechanisms.

During the period, the Hydra may launch four electric projectiles around the space. The lightning constantly spawns in the very same locations, but the sequence in which they look varies each kill. The four parts of lightning converge on the participant’s location. Getting hit by these will bind the participant and cope up to 20 harm.

It’s not feasible to tile jump to prevent them. Starting close to the center of the space and looping around among the final lightning spawns, to escape the box that they shape, is the simplest way to prevent their harm. Players can also embrace the northern walls and immediately transfer their way west when damaging the Hydra, which works particularly well with some twisted bow because of its attack range and capability to get around the lightning easily.

The negative heads of the Hydra would be those that mostly attack the participant; the middle doesn’t attack players in any way. While the proper heads strike the abandoned heads strike with triumphed. Therefore, during the initial two stages respectively for every facet, the Hydra’s strikes rather hit double, using a maximum reach of approximately 17 each.

Notice: While the Hydra is at the area, players can’t leave through the doorways, since they’re jammed when this happens. Teleports will function. The Hydra has a time of 20 minutes.
The Hydra starts this off stage by attacking with all the battle style reverse of the things it used in the last stage; when the prior stage ended with a magical attack, then it begins with ranged and vice versa. Additionally, the Hydra’s harm from the auto-attacks drastically increase, and affects assault fashions after each assault it performs, no matter if it hits or not.

When the Hydra reaches 75 percent of its own health, the bottom-right heads drops off and it alters its carapace into blue.
When the Hydra reaches 50 percent of its own health, the bottom-left head drops off and it alters its carapace into reddish .
When the Hydra reaches 25 percent of its own health, the center head drops off and it alters its carapace into grey .

Additionally, it employs the toxin attack from stage 1, even though it generally sends you toxin blob on the tile it’s on; howeverit may still utilize the stage 1 version of this attack randomly. During this last stage, the toxin attack will always occur after 3 regular hydra strikes, and then again following another 9. In the event the Hydra is murdered just because it sends an assault, it is going to deal no harm.

There’s not any counter to the grey carapace; don’t tempt it to some of those compound pools for this stage. Therefore, it doesn’t have to get enticed because its harm reduction ability doesn’t reset.