OSRS Ernest The Chicken Quest Guide

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OSRS Ernest The Chicken Quest Guide
OSRS Ernest The Chicken Quest Guide


Speak into Veronica standing outside the courtyard of this Draynor Manor. She hasn’t come back and would like you to locate her fiancé, Ernest, who went into the manor one hour.

Enter the manor and scale the stairs in the area up. Climb up the spiral staircase west to locate Professor Oddenstein. He’ll clarify that Ernest has been become a chicken if he had been serving on a experiment together along using his’pouletmorph’ device. To change back him, parts which were stolen and concealed by the poltergeists from the manor are needed by the professor.

You’ll have to help him locate a rubber tubing, a strain gauge, along with an oil can .

Pressure gauge

You’ll require some fish poison and food to acquire the strain gauge. The fish is at a box that is blue the box are seen on the floor[US] from the area south of this spiral stairs. Go down stairs, to acquire the toxin and visit the northwestern area on the 1st floor [US] south of the selection.

Utilize the toxin with the fish foods to make a few fish meals As soon as you’ve got both things. Proceed to the south-east area and catch a scoop (that is required to find the rubber tubing ) situated to the west (left) of this depart within the doorway; in case you do not have one . To get from the spade out of the building search for the door within the room, proceed south west and search for the fountain around the corner of the manor grounds. Utilize the fish meals that is poisoned together using all the fountain hunt the fountain and to destroy the piranhas.

Rubber tubing

Start looking for the mulch in the side of those grounds. The compost heap can be located north by the Belladonna (Cave nightshade patch), before a little patch of cabbages. Use a scoop (one are available at the southeast area in the ground floor, or in case you’re a member, there’s a tool leprechaun directly alongside the compost heap should you’ve got one saved there) about the mulch, and you’ll find a key. Return during the entry in the manor, and apply the key together using all the doorway comprising the space using the skeleton, and then also choose the rubber tubing. The space is directly behind the staircase. The sword will strike you, Whenever you do this; just obliterated its strikes or then you also can opt to kill the sword and leave your space.

Oil can

Proceed to the area on the floor. Look for the bookcase in the left (west) side to the walls, to access a room. Start looking and grow down to the cellar. There’ll be levers and doorways round you. Follow.

Notice: It isn’t feasible to utilize the oil may to be picked up by Telekinetic Grab.

Pull B and Levers A down.

Input Door 1.

Bring Lever D down; render up C.

Input Doors 3 and 2.

Pull Levers up B and A.

Input Doors 3, 5 and 4.

Pull Levers E and F.

Input Doors 7 and 6.

Bring Lever C down.

Input Doors 6 and 7.

Bring Lever E up.

Input Doors 3 and 6, 8.

Go through Door 9. The oil leave the cellar and can. Pull on the lever to the wall that is east to depart the room that is key.

Proceed to the top ground and Speak to Professor Oddenstein. Give the things to him, and he’ll mend his machine, that can flip back Ernest .

Pursuit, congratulations!

OSRS Ernest The Chicken Quest Guide
OSRS Ernest The Chicken Quest Guide

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