OSRS Dorics Quest Guide

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OSRS Dorics Quest
OSRS Dorics Quest


Getting started

Doric could be discovered in a building in east of this Taverley gate, the north of Falador, and also south west of the Goblin Village.

If you can use his whetstone or anvil Request Doric. So as to produce some pickaxes, doric will inform you that he wants some substances. He’ll give you a pickaxe that is bronze. He also wants you to catch him

6 lumps of clay (hard clay)

4 Copper ores

Two Iron ores

(These Cannot Be noted)

Obtaining the substances

(Skip this section in the Event That You already have All the required stuff )

Where you get the ores doesn’t matter, and may for example be accessed from other players by mining the ores your self (15 Mining is obligatory for iron ore).

Even the Dwarven Mine is situated close to the home of Doric, which means that you may head there. For there, go west from the home of Doric and north to locate a route. Walk south and search for a ladder. Climb the ladder. Copper, the iron, and tin stones are found south east of the entry. Clay stones are located.

Iron ore is, occasionally dropped by barbarians situated at Barbarian Village, east of Taverley. Ironmen attempting to finish this quest may be helped by this. Participants can purchase iron ores and the aluminum ores in the shop in Blast Furnace. Ironmen may also finish the pursuit before attaining grade 15 Mining from pickpocketing H.A.M members since they’ve got an uncommon opportunity to provide Iron ore.

Instead of mining at the Dwarven Mine, then you may use the Rimmington mine south of Falador, that comprises all of the ores that are essential right.

Growing up

Return to complete the quest when you have the ores required. He reward you will appreciate your aid personally, and permit you to utilize his anvils you’d like.

OSRS Dorics Quest
OSRS Dorics Quest

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