OSRS Cooks Assistant Quest Guide

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A Banquet for a Duke

OSRS Cooks Assistant Quest Guide
OSRS Cooks Assistant Quest Guide

To Start the quest, speak to the Cook about the 1st floor[US] of Lumbridge Castle within the kitchen. He notifies you that he is likely to prepare a cake to your party, and that it’s the birthday of Duke Horacio. He asks one to fetch him a spoonful of milk, an egg, and a kettle of bread also also has forgotten to bring a few of the components.

Note: it is possible to bypass the procedure by speaking about this Cook finishing the pursuit and way of a pot of bread, a spoonful of milk, along with a egg together by you.

Bucket of milk

Having the empty bucket, that purchased from the store for two coins or are available in Lumbridge Castle’s basement, go throughout west east the River Lum walk north into the Lumbridge rabbit area. Optional: You will speak about the best way best to get milk to get an explanation to Gillie Groats cows. Use the bucket onto a milk cow to acquire a number of milk.


In the cow area, follow the trail towards the chicken section and then pick up a egg.

Pot of wheat

Having an empty kettle, which purchased from the shop for 1 coin or may be seen at the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle, go north of lumbridge and follow the trail till you get to the mill. Grain of this mill in the areas outside. Optional: You will speak to Millie Miller within the mill to get an explanation. Head to the floor and set the wheat from the hopper yank on the lever. In the 1st floor[US], utilize your bud to accumulate flour.

Recommended: Draynor Diary, The Lumbridge & needs bread. Grind another pot of bread for bread to readily finish this.


After collecting the components, take them back. Talk to provide the components to him.

Quest complete!

OSRS Cooks Assistant Quest Guide
OSRS Cooks Assistant Quest Guide

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