OSRS Black Knights Fortress Quest Guide

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OSRS Black Knights Fortress Quest Guide
OSRS Black Knights Fortress Quest Guide


Finding the items that are Necessary

To start with, to conserve time, get these products. Catch a spoonful from Edgeville Monastery close to the Black Knights’ Fortress or in the cabbage patch at the farm south of Falador (cabbage obtained out of Draynor Manor won’t function; you will discover why throughout the pursuit ), purchase a iron chainbody out of Wayne’s Chains in Falador, also purchase a bronze med helm out of Peksa at Barbarian Village (or buy one at the backroom of Draynor Manor). If your Smithing amount is large enough (3 to the bronze mild helmet, and 26 to your iron chainbody), then it’s possible to merely smith the string along with the helmet. Otherwise, purchase them or you are going to need to purchase them in the stores.

Starting out

Things None.

Speak to Sir Amik Varze, that can be discovered on the floor[US] west of White Knights’ Castle. He’ll inform you he wants a spy. He would like you to spy in their fortress situated North. He would like you ruin it and to learn what their weapon is. There is A stock space required for a dossier. Notice: as soon as you examine it, representing the beginning of the 17, Your dossier will self-destruct.

Infiltrating the fortress

Things required: A iron chainbody a cabbage along with a med helm maybe not.

Create your way to the Black Knights’ Fortress. It’s the Oracle along with north west of the Dwarven Mine. Run throughout the Dark Knights, since they are competitive as they’ll attack you. Enter the doorway into your south. Ensure that you are currently wearing also the Bronze med helm along with the chainbody, or else they won’t allow you to enter.

When inside, the wall directly in front of you could be pushed. Push it to put in a room that is little.

Climb the ladder up within this room that is little.

Climb the ladder to the best of it.

Climb the ladder only south.

Go to your east through a doorway.

Go up the next ladder.

Climb the ladder together with the one which that you just came up and you are going to wind up in an area using a madness altar.

Open the door and run to avert the knights.

Climb the ladder into the southwest, and you’ll end up in a room.

There will be a grill. Click the link . You may hear a dialogue between a goblin and a witch.

Sabotaging the weapon

Things A cabbage.

If You’re from some Black Knights in wellbeing, it is possible to Visit the Monastery situated East of the Black Knights’ Fortress and talk to cure you

Adhere to the ladders back into the area using all the wall, and attempt to open the doorway into the east Dark Knights are currently walking round a desk. As a guard will speak with you You’ll be halted from opening up the door. Before it’s possible to finish the conversation, you might need to kill an aggressive knight. He’ll state there is a significant meeting and they will kill. Say that you are moving in anyway and you do not care.

Run in the knights and climb the ladder on the walls of this space up. Walk south and east and search for a wall it’s possible to push. Push a pit to be seen by the wall. Right-click your cabbage you don’t consume this, and utilize it. You’ll notice the witch state her weapon has been ruined.

Inform him, also return to Sir Amik Varze the weapon was loathed by you. You also have obtained your award, and will have completed the quest when he’s done speaking.

OSRS Black Knights Fortress Quest Guide
OSRS Black Knights Fortress Quest Guide

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