OSRS Banana

author image by Ghrazi | 2 Comments | December 15, 2019

A banana is a yellow fruit which may be seen on trees at tropical places, for example Karamja along with Ape Atoll (lawn at western home of monkey kid and southwestern crates from the warehouse east of magical shop). They may also be gotten using the charm Exercises to Bananas, which extends bones of all sorts from the caster’s stock to peanuts. Eating a banana badger two Hitpoints.

A banana tree could be increased at a fruit tree area using amount 33 Farming. Players may select on six beers.

10 bananas can be set into a box possessed by the NPC Luthas on Karamja to obtain 30 coins.

A lone banana is needed to throw the conventional spellbook Ape Atoll Teleport.

Throughout the pursuit Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, a banana has to be chopped with a knife or some other sharp sword to make a chopped banana. This is subsequently utilized to make banana infused karamjan rum. Bananas may also be stuck to a jar of Karamja rum, which sticks the trunk of this jar and produces a futile thing .