How to get Dragon Defender in OSRS

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Its defensive bonuses are somewhat similar to the ones of an adamant square guard , with little differences. Its strength incentive is dependent upon the dragonfire protect as well as the avernic shield , which provide +7 and +8 strength bonus . On the other hand, the monster guardian is much more commonly used than both them for melee instruction, because of the exceptional melee attack bonuses within the dragonfire protect and the total rarity of this avernic defender.

It could only be accessed as a rare fall in cyclopes at the cellar of their Warriors’ Guild. A participant must demonstrate a rune guardian into Lorelai after to acquire permanent access to this cyclopes within this room.

The dragon Guardian is the 2nd Most Powerful Guardian at OSRS, Supporting the Avernic Guardian . It’s used because of its assault and potency bonus and can be held at the defense slot.

If the player expires under degree 20 Wilderness, it is going to stay in the player’s stock, but will probably be unusable and has to be mended using forty thousand coins using the thing onto Perdu. If the player expires above flat 20 Wilderness, then it’ll be dropped as eighty one thousand and sixty coins.

Dragon Defender Attack Bonuses


Dragon Defender Defense Bonuses


Dragon Defender Other Bonuses

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Dragon Defender Guide

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