Lithkren Vault

author image by Ghrazi | 0 Comments | July 8, 2019

The mural between both metallic dragon chambers could be interacted with to inspect for those 2 dragons in the participant’s killcount.

The Lithkren Vault is a underground research facility situated in the ruins of a dragonkin castle on Lithkren. Throughout the Dragon Slayer II pursuit, it’s started using the dragon secret , where the participant, Dallas Jones, along with Bob unwittingly release the dragonkin Zorgoth along with his invention, Galvek. Seven old notes are located here, of which four may only be accessed after completion of this quest.

Adamant and rune dragons may also be seen roaming the west and east wings of the centre, respectively, supporting the red obstacles. After Dragon Slayer II was finished, these obstacles can be entered.

At the north-east corner of this Vault, beside the swimming pool, a system could be discovered which can enchant a digsite pendant to permit gamers to teleport beyond the Vault. Another machine are located at the middle of the Vault to flip hydra leather to ferocious gloves when a hammer is transported.

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