Important Information on obtaining Rune Gloves in OSRS

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Rune gloves osrs are unique gloves which may be purchased in the Culinaromancer’s torso after conclusion of Recipe for Disaster subquests.

These really are a excellent alternative for high-risk activities like PVP, as they just price 6,500 whilst still supplying greater bonuses than a fight bracelet.

While just 1 Defence must use rune gloves in osrs, it’s not possible to get them without attaining least 34 Defence, on account of the minimal two thousand Defence expertise from Character Spirit needed to finish the Lumbridge Guide sub-quest and twenty thousand Defence expertise from Monkey Madness.

Released: 15 March 2006

Members: Yes

Quest item: No

Attack Stats:

+ 8 Stab, + 8 Slash + 8 Crush , + 4 Magic, + 8 Range

Defense Stats:

+ 8 Stab, + 8 Slash + 8 Crush , + 4 Magic, + 8 Range

Other Stats on Rune Gloves:

+ 8 Strength, + 0 Ranged Strength, + 0% Magic Damage, + 0 Prayer

Other Useful Information:

Upgrading your gear set with increased tiers of gear found here Barrows Gloves, Ferocious Gloves.

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