How to get a Rune Defender in OSRS

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The rune guardian’s dip and crush defensive bonuses would be just like a black kiteshield, but its own stab defence bonus is a bit less than the adamant square guard . But, it’s significantly more commonly employed because of its melee bonuses, even since it provides precisely exactly the identical bonus to power as the toktz-ket-xil (obsidian defense ) and contains melee attack bonuses. A rune guardian is often coupled with a monster scimitar or a abyssal whip because of the durability bonus.

The rune protector is your 3rd most powerful guardian . It’s used because of its assault bonus and can be held at the off-hand instead of a protect . The rune guardian is lost by cyclopes around top floor of their Warriors’ Guild following demonstrating an adamant defender or much greater as the participant enters the area.

Players may join a Rune protector decoration kit, got from difficult Treasure Trails, to make a Rune guardian (t). This doesn’t influence the guardian’s stat bonuses, and is cosmetic. It could be hammered, returning the decoration and protector kit.

On the other hand, the thing will be redeemed and has to be mended using thirty five thousand coins using the thing Perdu. If the player expires above degree 20 Wilderness seven thousand eight hundred coins will fall.

The protector is a favorite with players of greater combat degrees because of the offensive stats. It may be regarded as the third greatest off-hand thing for melee coaching, just defeated with the dragon guardian and Avernic shield , also is often utilized at PvPscenarios as re-obtaining that a rune defender is simpler than re-obtaining a dragon or Avernic a single.

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