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These things are just five times more prevalent if murdered on a Slayer job.
Drakes do not demand a fire defense guard or potion to be murdered, unlike most other dragons. But to the player’s present position, which copes 6-8 harm for four strikes, drakes will establish a breath following seven auto-attacks in the event the player has been hit by the projectile. Using a kind of dragonfire protection will lessen to 3-4 damage rather. Since the typical levels of dragonfire protection are employed for this assault, wielding a dragonfire protect , dragonfire shield , or anti-dragon protect along with drinking an antifiremay negate the harm. Transferring one tile elsewhere as soon as the projectile is launched allows avoidance.

Since they’re only found inside the volcano, players have to use the boots of rock , boots of brimstone or granite boots to safeguard themselves from the intense warmth of the dungeon floor. However, players that have finished the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary may wear any sort of footwear without being quickly burnt.

Drakes were made as an experiment by an unnamed dragonkin following his perceived collapse of this wyrm undertaking. Gaping sores have been created causing pain where fires could have increased. Because of this, Drakes are competitive.

Drake Slayer Guide

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