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He decided to search further and generated the hydras, the first batch being a demanding”foundation” for an upcoming experiment. Employing the exceptional chemicals found in the mountain, he also was able to make an enhanced variant . He seen it because he couldn’t replicate the production despite fulfilling all his hopes.
This demon, Skotizo, has been carrying an unidentified artefact obtained in the Karamjan Temple that enabled him to call forth many different critters to its own side. As opposed to choosing to select the artefact for himself, he rather relocated to a mountain to the south, presuming that the native lizard species there might hold the secret to their own cure.

This Dragonkin lived in Mount Karuulm to start his own experiments. The sources here may end up being more useful than that which he had in the mainland, although he noticed that a lot were unavailable. Complimentary from his kin, he started working on jobs that others had refused.

The very first creations he created were that the wyrms, enormous draconic creatures that engaged in the God Wars and so were driven to extinction due to their part in the war, presuming that the sources here would attain the first intention of the wyrm undertaking. But, these failed and that he soon moved on into the drake undertaking, one he’d proposed to Kerapac but had been refused, him preferring to concentrate on dragons rather than They were a failure in his eyes.

Once it remains unconfirmed, it’s probable that his work caused the invention of this Good olm, given its own overall look, vulnerability and attacks into dragonbane weapons.
His exploits are detailed from the old notes from the dungeon.