Dragon Gloves OSRS

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Dragon gloves price exactly the like Barrows gloves, however, also have lower stats. As a result of this, it might not be worth it to get these gloves.

Since if a participant can buy them, it usually means they have finished all subquests of Recipe for Disaster.

Finish the last boss fight so as to finish the pursuit and be in a position to buy Barrows gloves.

But, dragon eyeglasses are available with as much as 107 pursuit points, whereas Barrows gloves need 175 pursuit points to acquire on account of the simple fact that the last boss fight necessitates 175 pursuit points to get started.

Dragon gloves are unique gloves which may be bought in the Culinaromancer’s Chest after conclusion of eight Recipe for Disaster subquests.

What is the Culinaromancer’s Chest?

After finishing the Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary, all things at the Chest are ignored by 20 percent.

Even the Culinaromancer’s Chest is a Unique chest Available to Gamers Throughout and after That the Recipe for Disaster Pursuit .

It’s found at Lumbridge Castle’s basement but is invisible before the player enters the dining room and gains entry to the numerous subquests.

It’s a lender , a food shop that sells things for your Cooking ability, and a battle item shop.

The battle shop sells alloy gloves that behave as armour and provide dreadful bonuses along with Kitchen weaponry utensils that behave as analogues to weapons that are more powerful.

As the player advances through the pursuit accessibility into the torso is allowed, using pieces of greater eyeglasses, food, and utensils.

Dragon Gloves Item Stats

Dragon Gloves Attack Bonuses


Dragon Gloves Defense Bonuses


Dragon Gloves Other Bonuses

StrengthRanged StrengthMagic DamagePrayer

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