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Bandos armour is potentially the most effective non-degradable melee armour at OSRS RS, along with bandos tassets possess the greatest offensive stats of any melee thighs slot item.

Because of this, it’s a frequent choice for melee coaching , Slayer jobs , along with other extended battle experiences.

Its exceptional ranged defense together with its own potency and prayer bonus makes it hot for a few boss searching situations.

Stat-wise, it’s similar to barrows platelegs, that offer nearly equal equates protection and substantially higher melee protection. However armour degrades and doesn’t offer any money or advantage bonus.

Bandos tassets really certainly are part of the bandos armour place, necessitating 65 Defence to use.

Bandos tassets are frequently used by seasoned players since they provide superior stats in contrast to comparable leg slot products, such as the maximum advantage bonus.

Dragon platelegs will also be considerably cheaper and provide comparable melee protection with less stab defence, 3 longer aerodynamic defence, less smash defence, and also 28 less hierarchical defence and no power bonus.

The most similar bit of barrows armour is verac’s plateskirt; its own +4 prayer bonus, even greater melee defensive bonuses and deficiency of negative magical defence bonus makes it a really viable alternative given its reduced price.

Bandos Tassets Attack Bonuses


Bandos Tassets Defense Bonuses


Bandos Tassets Other Bonuses

StrengthRanged StrengthMagic DamagePrayer

Bandos Godwars Guide

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