Bandos Chestplate OSRS

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Bandos armour is one of the most effective melee armours at OSRS RS. Since it degrades, it’s excellent for melee coaching , Slayer activities, along with other extended battle experiences.

It’s substantially reduced defensive bonuses in stab and slash citizenship when compared with this barrows platebodies along with justiciar chestguard, however the strength incentive makes it among the most well-known options since the additional damage dealt frequently leads to much less harm.

Even the Bandos chestplate is part of the Bandos armour place, which necessitates 65 Defence to utilize.

Unlike another body armours that provide a power bonus, the Bandos chestplate also includes considerable defensive bonuses.

Bandos Chestplate Attack Bonuses


Bandos Chestplate Defense Bonuses


Bandos Chestplate Other Bonuses

StrengthRanged StrengthMagic DamagePrayer

Bandos Godwars Guide

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