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They have the 2nd greatest variety defence incentive for boots (crushed with its updated version, the shield boots), also also therefore so are among those very few pairs of boots which have a prayer bonus, one of white boots, sacred vases , lucky boots, devout boots along with shield boots.

Bandos boots could be put together with some black tourmaline center to make a set of shield boots, that have improved stats. The procedure can’t be reversed.

Bandos boots can also be employed for its master level emote hint at Zul-Andra, as well as a monster 2h sword along with also an obsidian cape.

Bandos boots are usually regarded as the”odd one out” of their Bandos armour place since they Agree defensive bonuses, including the chestplate along with tassets which forfeit melee defence (albeit a little bit ) to provide Power bonus although the boots don’t.

This is why the majority of gamers while Bandos armour, will decide on a set of boots so as to increase their strength . Because of this, Bandos boots are cheaper than the remainder of the armour, regardless of being both infrequent, because of their lack of need.

Their large ranged reward makes them needed for gamers hoping to increase their bonuses. They are sometimes seen used by ranged tanks on account of their low price and significant defence incentive.

What’s more, they are successful when coupled with the remainder of the Bandos armour when seeking to accomplish a very high ranged defence incentive.

They are widely used for defense from Bandos followers; sporting those boots will leave followers of Bandos unaggressive into the wearer at the God Wars Dungeon. Because they have the plus of tanking functionality along with also prayer bonus this makes them a fantastic solution for players searching General Graardor.

This makes them more easy for traveling and harmful skilling activities like Pyramid Plunder or even ZMI.

There’s also a very low likelihood they are sometimes dropped by Armadylian and Bandosian protects when performing elite hint scroll coordinates.

Bandos Boots Attack Bonuses


Bandos Boots Defense Bonuses


Bandos Boots Other Bonuses

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